Our Story

The Birth Of Shaker Sleeves

My Name is Dominic Giacona and I am the inventor/founder of Shaker Sleeves. The idea of the Shaker Sleeve was a thought I first had when I was around the age of 16 but it wasn't until later when I decided to bring it to life. After graduating High School I didn't have any idea what I wanted to do as a career, that being said I joined the Military straight out of High School. I served 4 years and let me tell you it was the best experience of my life! My last year of the military I finally decided to act on my idea and bring the Shaker Sleeve to life. I knew if I wanted to bring this to life I needed money and lots of it because I was creating a new market that people have never seen before. I pitched my idea to friends and family first then I pitched my idea to my command in the military. Turns out 4 of my shipmates invested that day! It gave me enough to get the ball rolling. Next I knew I needed to partner with people who can help me grow mentally and would be able to help me with this product. This is when I partnered with two professional athletes. 



I partnered with Layne Norton,PhD and Chris Hairston both of them are exactly what the team needed. They wanted to be a part of Shaker Sleeves when it needed help the most and we are growing every month. Shaker Sleeves still has a lot of growing to do we have new Shakers coming out that will be available in multiple colors. Also, the most exciting product we have coming out is our new Shaker Sleeve that will not only fit our new 28oz Shaker Cup but also fits the majority of Shaker Cups on the market. We are also pushing for making our products more eco friendly by making our Shaker Sleeves 100% Biodegradable. Thank you for supporting us and helping us grow!

Want to read about Dominic's journey he took to build Shaker Sleeves andbring his idea to life? Read his book The Forward March to learn more.